Nermin Yokuş İpekçiler was born and grew up in Istanbul. Her first interest in art began when she saw Rodin’s sculptures in the Rodin Museum, this spark inspired her to take sculpture education at Mimar Sinan University. She completed her fine arts education at Yeditepe University Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of Plastic Arts and Painting. She graduated with high honors in 2022 with her master’s thesis on the Aesthetics and Ontology of Silence in Figurative Western Painting. She participated in many group exhibitions and solo exhibitions at home and abroad.

The artist, who includes objects and figures that evoke a sense of timelessness in her works, using themes such as nature, mythology, subconscious, history and identity, presents the effects of emotions and thoughts about life on people from a different perspective.

“In its simplest form, my vision of art is the embodiment of all my emotional reactions to life, a sincere confrontation, a way of expressing myself. In my works, very briefly, I am inspired by everything that relates to the deeper, essence of human. To pursue stories, to collect them, to tell them, and to reflect them with a figurative expression”. The artist works equally in the fields of painting and sculpture. While she uses mixed techniques such as oil paint, acrylic, pastel and charcoal in painting, she performs carving and modeling with stone, clay and other materials in Sculpture.

The artist still continues to produce paintings and sculptures in her art studios in Kadıköy Yeldeğirmeni/Istanbul and Imvros, and writes articles about art history.


April 2021 issue, Kolaj art newspaper, ‘Nakedness fact in west painting art.

April 2021 issue, Kolaj art newspaper; Empty Boat

Feb 2024 issue, Artculturenews; Evaluation of Kiki Smith’s Works with a Social Analysis Approach


2014, Group Sculpture Exhibition at Mimar Sinan University, Istanbul, Turkey

2019, Group Painting Exhibition at La Vision Art Gallery, Istanbul, Turkey.

2020, Solo Painting Exhibition, You in Me,  Kozyatağı Kültür Merkezi, İstanbul, Turkey.

2021, Group On-Line Painting Exhibition at Art Gallery, İstanbul, Turkey

2022, Solo Painting Exhibition, Remembering To Remember, NYİ Art Studio, İstanbul, Turkey

2022, Bodrum Art Fair, Bodrum, Turkey

2022, On-Line Solo Painting Exhibition at Fovart Art Gallery, İstanbul, Turkey

2022, Group On-Line Painting Exhibition at Patanart Galley, İstanbul, Turkey

2022, Group On-Line Painting Exhibition at Kalopsia Art Galley, İstanbul, Turkey

2022, İAAF, İstanbul Antique and Art Fair, İstanbul Turkey

2023, Julio Artists Run Space, Paris, France

2023, Group On-Line Painting Exhibition at Goya Art Community, İstanbul, Turkey

2023, Art Ankara Fair, Ankara

2023, Group On-Line Painting Exhibition at Art Gallery 1881, İstanbul, Turkey

2023, Solo Painting Exhibition, Broken Memories, Imvros, Çanakkale, Turkey

2023, Solo Painting Exhibition, Matchsticks, Istanbul, NYI Art Studio  Turkey